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Hver stund með þér

"The sound of happiness. Now we have to find it just yet. At least whoever discovered this CD makes the first successful step in this direction! ... An album with the musically gifted granddaughter and her grandparents is a musical monument. An album that has much to offer much more than just music!"

"...the bright and beautiful voice of Anna Maria is fascinating. The music is nicely arranged and creates dreamy and relaxed atmosphere, despite the fact that I really do not understand a single word of her lyrics". 

"The album shows that love and being in love is timeless" Fanzine Noerdhaeftii 2015 (DE) 

"Útkoman er meira en stórkostleg. 12 dásamlegar lagasmíðaperlur sem Anna María og Svavar Knútur syngja á blíðan, ástríkan og persónulegn hátt sem snertir mann".  Sound&Image review 2015 (DE)

"The fine and lovingly arranged and reduced wonderful little folk-pop pearls, along with the clear, warm and precise voice of the singer creates an intimate atmosphere in which you sometimes want to shold your breath because you do not want to disturb this absolute devotion! 4-5* " 

"An album that captivates from the first song." 

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Saknað fornaldar

“The young Icelandic musician Anna Maria Björnsdóttir seduces from the first note. Pop, jazz and folk are intimately connected and unleash big emotions, but mostly the music is reduced to Anna Maria’s warm voice and a few accompanying instruments…. An absolute recommendation!”   Weltmusic Magazine review (DE)

“All in all, the music offers a wide range of sounds to lose oneself in; a perfect mixture of classical and modern elements to captivate the listener.” 8/10  Stefanie Oepen Stalker review (DE)

Anna Maria’s wonderful voice deals well with the different colored sensibilities in the songs , the album is a romantic journey to the past. Ranging from massive to delicate moods and thus are an accurate reflection of the psychological states of the individual poets that Anna Maria has chosen for this remarkable album.” Sound&image review(DE)

“The voice that awaits us here is crystal clear and fascinating…. The beautiful old world captured the frantic new world that just yearns for change, such as by tradition.” 13/15 Thoralf Koss Musikreviews Magazine (DE)

“Great music, a little scary and partly melancholic” Tónskrattinn Bubbi Music blog (IS)

“Anna María managed to convert the poetry into a completely timeless musical format. Her voice is simply stunning: cool, elegant, crystal clear, powerful, cutting and loud. Wow.” Joe Whirlypop Glitterhouse (DE)

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